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YuanPay Group

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Many people want to try trading cryptocurrency because of popularity and profitability. It is not enough that you have sufficient resources to start this career. Knowing the right timing and choosing your coins & trading platform are necessary to ensure higher returns. Without hassle, you can actually trade cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Yuan Coin, and Ripple. Cryptocurrency traders are often looking for the best way to track their portfolios. But before that, what coin should you invest in? What platform should you choose? YuanPay Group Vs. Binance cryptocurrency exchange company will show you those different angles to consider.  500 characters

YuanPay Group

At the exact moment when Digital Yuan was announced, YuanPay Group received thousands of inquiries in a day. Those pouring applications came from around the world! Since the newest coin becomes available for purchase and trade, investors and traders know for sure that the Yuan coin will have a great impact on the US dollar. 

The predictions about the US dollar seem to be coming true. Since 2015, Chinese transactions in US Dollar within China have experienced a decline of 10 percent per annum. If that rate continues to progress until 2025, all transactions in China will be conducted in either renminbi or Digital Yuan.  

Believe it or not, these are the current events happening right now. From 2018 up to 2020, China has surpassed the United States in multiple global trades. Many investors are not surprised as the necessity of the US dollar starts to diminish. The process has already made its way. This leads to rapid and increasing interest in the Digital Yuan as a tradable currency across the world.  

Digital Yuan Introductory Period

The accredited DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) of China is none other than the Digital Yuan itself. During its early stages of a trial, the adoption of the first four cities is quite amazing. Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xiong’an, and other commercial entities such as food chains, airlines, and taxi services are ones who took the initiative to level up their transactions. 

Plan for Digital Yuan

The Chinese government is moving so fast. It recently announced another major expansion of Digital Yuan. Due to the latest pandemic, there are no specific dates, but actions are already planned. The future engagements are more likely as follows:

  • The government and People’s Bank of China, together with YuanPay Group, will have defined policies soon for Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Xiong’an. It will then be implemented in Beijing for the celebration of the 2022 Winter Olympics.  All other crucial areas in Hebei and Heilongjiang will also have to hold their own trials as the locations are also included in the said event. 
  • After the above is assessed, a series of new trials is now ready to expand across the whole regions of Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, Tianjin, and Guangdong Province. Take note that not just a part of it is participating. The whole area will start adopting Digital Yuan. Next in line are the active regions of Hong Kong and Macao.
  • If everything goes well, the operations will extend in Central and Western China. This will only happen if all other trials meet specific standards and results. 

Peer to peer transferability

The Chinese cryptocurrency is now available to the public. The Yuan coin is the first-ever backed-up cryptocurrency of the Chinese government and its Central Bank. The degree of how Digital Yuan replaces physical cash will be limitless in the future as it’s boosted and accredited by its own nation. Would you wait for years to be part of this financial revolution? As the tycoon investors say, “Only those who planted in the perfect season can have a good harvest,” and it has been proven for centuries. Listen to the experts and start planting your seeds! 

Other important matters

As per the government’s estimate, the introductory period will only last until 2023. The following years after that are solely for improvements and upgrades. This will make sure that the digital processing technology of YuanPay Group’s platform is always on the run. Security and functionality issues will be avoided through this continuous phase. Here are some of the inquiries you may still have in mind:

  • Who owns YuanPay Group? Many are still frustrated up to this point whether the government of China owns YPG. The answer is NO. It is only implementing the development of its e-Yuan, but the said platform is an independent trading system.
  • Is YuanPay Group a scam or not? The company is not a scam. YPG trading platform uses top-tier AI systems to ensure functionality and security. The profitability rate is greatly influenced by the market conditions.
  • How much do I need to pay to open an account with YuanPay Group? It’s absolutely free! You don’t need to pay anything or anybody by creating a YPG account
  • How to access the YuanPay Group platform? Visit the official website at https://yuanpaygroup.com/. You can use a smartphone, laptop, or even your tablet. 
  • Am I safe with YuanPay Group? You are absolutely in good hands with YPG. Its system is fully designed to have high-performing features. The meticulous encryption leads to a profound degree of privacy.  


Most of you reading this article might be familiar with this. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange company that started operating in 2017. Like all newbies in the industry, it has its ups and downs. It is currently settled in the Cayman Islands. Like YuanPay Group, it provides a platform where you can trade different types of cryptocurrencies. 

Changpen Zhao had created Binance with the hope that his high-frequency trading software would be China’s greatest milestone. Binance was initially domiciled in the said country, but because of its economic threats due to unsecured trading, the company decided to move its headquarters. 

China’s protocols were not the only issue that will affect its operations. Binance is also reported to be under crucial investigation by the United States Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service. Why? There are speculations that the exchange company covers up multiple transactions to launder money and evade taxes. What about the UK? The Financial Conduct Authority also demanded Binance to stop all of its activity in mid-2021. 

How is Binance related to YuanPay Group?

What does it mean for the general public? Is the world economy affected by it? Numerous reports indicate that the Digital Yuan coin is supported by the Chinese government and Central Bank. It aims to improve the monetary policy of the country while increasing its value over time. By trading cryptocurrencies with YuanPay Group, potential risks and misuse of individual accounts could be avoided. All of which is true.

The government does not aim “to control’ whatever strategy you want to apply. It is just in the background of the operation “to maintain” that those with bad intentions cannot victimize the innocent. The People’s Bank of China will issue and redeem Digital Yuan via the YuanPay Group. It is backed with a ratio of 1:1 by fiat reserves, so the public will be at ease with their transactions. With reasonable anonymity and special encryption features, e-Yuan is the perfect start for those who are looking for safe trading options.

Binance, on the other hand, is currently banned in many countries. It may gain its popularity for the past three years, but the operation doesn’t seem to expand anymore. The sustainability of people signing in might be greatly affected by the birth of Digital Yuan. Since China pushed its official e-Yuan launch last year, it started to strengthen the chance of becoming the first-ever cashless nation in the whole world. 

How could citizens of China benefit from this?

First, it is foreseen that anyone can do fund transfers without the use of the internet and the need for a bank account. This financial revolution can effectively make a detailed economic picture of the country. It can be analyzed per region, per town, or individual. Nope! It’s not that the government is interfering in the personal activities of people. As you can see, China’s poverty rate is still unacceptable despite the government’s consistent aid for decades.

This happens due to other citizens being unable to receive whatever assistance they are entitled to. Some never give up their slot and choose to stay poor on papers even though they are not. All individuals and businesses will have the same rights. Why fear if your intention is legal? Those who are against this breakthrough want to stay on top by operating in shadows. Otherwise, this is only applicable in China. Different countries can benefit from it through investing and trading. 


YuanPay Group Vs. Binance cryptocurrency exchange company might require you to think more before choosing. There are quite a few data-driven insights and assessments for new investors online. Just make sure that whatever cryptocurrency platform you choose,  the level of transparency is acceptable. The quality of information should be present and informative. For more information, visit https://yuanpaygroup.com/.

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