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China has pushed ahead to create its own digital currency due to greed and power-hungry Bitcoin mining. The nation will not be stopped given the existence of potent and decentralized cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, from around the world. China is finally diving into a complete innovation of the digital economy. Interests in new opportunities for currency investments have arisen. Each of them is directly linked to the future of the global economy. This is today’s latest event. Digital Yuan vs. Bitcoin, here’s what billionaires say. 500 characters

Digital Yuan Vs. Bitcoin

It is not a secret that China has the strongest Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project in the world. At present, almost 90 different governments globally are representing 90% of worldwide Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Some of these countries keep exploring and improving their own central bank digital currencies.

From 2020 to 2021, only five countries launched their CBDCs. Out of these stable economies, China is the only one that is able to level up with its Yuan coins.   

Digital Yuan Vs. Bitcoin

Chinese crypto currency is distributed by YuanPay Group. It is backed and supported by the government and the People’s Bank of China. In a sense, the e-Yuan is almost equivalent to the country’s physical currency in terms of basic usage. You simply store the fiat in your mobile wallet instead of physical money in your purse. Just like a banknote with a unique identifier, each Digital Yuan issued has the same equivalent. The major difference is the investment opportunities a Digital Yuan can offer with the use of a digital environment.  

On the other hand, unlike Bitcoin, Digital Yuan is not based on a decentralized blockchain. The national bank will maintain transparent authority over the ledgers. It operates inside a centralized system and YuanPay is the sole accredited distributor of the Chinese government.

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Is Digital Yuan Already Available?

Yes! It is currently available at for public issuance. The People’s Bank of China has distributed millions of Digital Yuan to its citizens. This is an integral part of testing the technology. Chinese people are now allowed to use their e-Yuan in numerous stores across the country. 

The next greatest move is expected to happen during the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Chinese citizens and foreign visitors are required to transact using Digital Yuan. This does not only aim to boost the financial revolution but also to avoid direct contact when using cash.

Key Things To Know About Digital Yuan

Amazing Results

For the past year, China has started its explorations and experiments on a small to large scale. Series of testing is conducted to ensure the high efficiency of the China Yuan. Further tests include a large number of cities in early 2021. The analysis of the results concludes that the test itself is strongly positive. Many companies started to accept Digital Yuan transactions as a form of support to this revolutionary change. Take note, Chunqiu Airlines is the first aviation company to make an engagement with e-Yuan. As you can see, nothing really hinders this innovation. It is clearly a stable and steady start for China as the economic powerhouse for billions of people. The currency is effective, the purpose is explicit. 

Covid-19 Is A Wake-Up Call

The latest pandemic has changed people’s perspectives in so many ways. Businessmen and investors reprogrammed their strategies and tactics. Online learning, work from home, and many more transitions arise. The demand for contactless payment has emerged. This is what gives more life to digital currencies. Companies, people, and governments begin to adopt. China is one of the few economies to recover from the recent crisis. The country could start raising the value of e-Yuan inside their territory alone.  

Foreign Companies Are Signing In

International interest is already at its peak. Some of the first foreign companies that accept payment in Digital Yuan are McDonald’s and Starbucks. This is a very crucial step to establish a potent digital currency. The whole economy should work together and that includes private companies. But still, it’s their choice and advantage at the same time. China can work on its own within its own territory. It is not them that will benefit from users. It’s your wallet that can grow with your coin that is basically issued from China’s central bank. 

Centralized System

If you’re looking for some sort of clarification and verification, it’s here. Digital Yuan is not the same as Bitcoin. It can’t be farmed and mined or whatsoever ways decentralized cryptocurrencies require. Digital Yuan is the digital counterpart of the Renminbi. The Central Bank of China is responsible for the issuance of these coins through the YuanPay Group platform. The market might be volatile but it’s far less than the current volatility level of other digital currencies. There are many other practical advantages and you’ll be surprised by them. 

Market Policies

Every currency needs to have a free flow of capital to build its position and worth in the market. Fortunately, China does not practice a free market system. It has market policies issued by the government for the Digital Yuan to be very plausible. Its phases will not be affected majorly by investors. Digital Yuan can keep up their influence alone, however, investors can contribute to the speed of change. At the end of the day, both parties will surely benefit from this financial revolution.

Differences and Similarities Between Digital Yuan and Bitcoin

Like Bitcoin, Digital Yuan also facilitates peer-to-peer payment

So far it’s the only similarity investors can observe. Both are able to build a transaction process that eliminates double-cost or often called double-spending problems. Bitcoin operates in the blockchain. Digital Yuan functions as direct cash and omits bank-connected transfers and charges.  

Digital Yuan is now used by 84% of the Chinese population. It is carefully stored on their digital wallet and can be used at any time. It is a big stepping stone as the nation works in unity. This is comparable to people in the USA who are less likely to use digital wallets. It is stated that only 41% of the American population took their part in this transition. 

Most of you reading this are most likely to be familiar with Alipay and WeChatPay. Did you know that 90% of China’s $35 trillion mobile payment market is covered by these two giants? The downside is that these wallets must be connected with private banks and other financial intermediaries. What does it mean? There will be a never-ending cycle of transaction charges. Digital Yuan is currently on the run to change that.  

Digital Yuan has more protection against market volatility

Up to this day and according to its historical fluctuation, the rate of Bitcoin can be anticipated by billionaire investors. You can deal with it with less worry in the global market as long as you have valuable experience in trading or mining Bitcoin. But if this is your first time, you are absolutely required to do extensive research and digest as much knowledge as you can. When dealing with Bitcoin, the market is very volatile. That’s the truth.

Digital Yuan, being new to the market and being backed by the government, is most likely to tolerate the volatility. Yes, it’s also a bit risky like any other coin but market volatility is going to be its ally for the next few years. Billionaires foresee its high profitability rate soon to be realized. A rapid change in the rate is beneficial when you store low-priced eYuan that is affected positively by market volatility.

Digital Yuan is entitled to a central authority

Digital Yuan is entitled to a central authority. This power can be used to deal with any errors and inconsistencies. To clarify this statement, if there is a crucial event, a central body can control a transaction upon the permission of the authorities or the participant. They can either cancel, freeze, or hold the account or a specific transaction with an error. To make it simple, the Digital Yuan is protecting the interests of its users and the country’s economy as a whole. 

Bitcoin is in a decentralized system and is still regulated by their respective communities and organizations unknown to the public. A transaction with thousands of Bitcoins involved could disappear just like that. No authority is going to help anybody. 

Digital Yuan retains the original purpose of digital currency while acquiring the benefits of cryptocurrency

Digital Yuan can act like cash. It can also be used as a coin to invest and earn profits. In Bitcoin, when the system gets hacked, you may instantly lose all your money. Using Digital Yuan gives you access to requests for investigation in order to track malicious activity. 


Digital Yuan vs. Bitcoin, here’s what billionaires say. Read as many articles and documentaries as you can. China is closest to becoming the first-ever cashless nation in the whole world. It means totally omitting the use of physical money by offering assistance in both rural and urban areas. The transfers of wealth will become more profound. No dirty losses in the future. It is foreseen to crash other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and foreign currencies including USD. Are you ready to benefit from this? Visit us at

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