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When China launched its own coin, the country became a game-changer in the crypto world market. The aspiring foreign exchange masters and cryptocurrency experts are looking for ways on how to buy Yuan. This event results from China’s prominence and potency in leading the first official cashless nation across the globe. Chinese Yuan is quickly becoming accessible to all. Today, it may not yet be that potent to crash the US Dollar instantly, but it continuously progresses, and investors are going insane with this great opportunity.

The Case for Investing in the Chinese Yuan

Chinese Yuan has been experiencing its fastest economic recovery from the damages of the coronavirus pandemic. The currency has also boosted its strength despite the global financial struggles in the year 2020. It all happened due to the rush fund offers and international investments into China’s relatively high-yielding dividend markets that can range from 3% to 4.50% per year. 

Rising Economy

Earning dividends is only one option to earn when you buy Chinese Yuan. It is evidently visible that the Chinese economy continuously grow. China does not only keep its status as the leading economic market. At present, it is ready to become the number one economy in the world. The Chinese Yuan is obviously gaining prominence and acceptance anywhere in the globe, and there’s absolutely no doubt about it.  

As we all know, China is consistently committed to achieving a meaningful position in the world’s financial economy. The establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB and the organization of the Contingent Reserve Arrangement amplify the Chinese nation’s goal. The main mission of these institutions is to enhance both the social and economic outcomes of their activities inside Chinese regions, across Asia, and beyond borders.

Currency Status

Furthermore, the Chinese Renminbi is now added to the list of reserve currencies by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This process ensures the power of Chinese currency for any central bank transactions. Its purpose is to develop further global economic growth and financial performance through better international trade and decreased poverty rate. 

International financial associations like the IMF are creating a whole new system of money reserves for member countries, specifically China. Also, it is still noticeable that Renminbi and Yuan are interchangeably used inside the said country. With regards to nationwide transactions, the Chinese Renminbi is still considered the currency of China. On the other hand, the Chinese Yuan is used for off-shore and other international transactions. Hence, all of these complications will be resolved in the coming years due to the country’s big step in creating its own centralized digital currency, the Digital Yuan. Many investors are buying Chinese Yuan in bulk because they believe that the elevation of China’s greatest financial breakthrough is right around the corner. 

Capital Controls

The secret to a powerful economy is controlling what is coming in and coming out inside your territory. Right now, the Chinese government is trying the most defined controls to protect the value of the Renminbi and Yuan. The current exchange rates have capital controls accompanied in each transaction. As a result, untrustworthy Chinese investors can be prevented from moving money out of Chinese territory.  

When China can freely float its own currency and let everyone transact however they want, it can replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s greatest reserve currency. How is that even possible? Through Digital Wallet and Digital Yuan designed by the government and Chinese central bank, people can do whatever they want with their money. Hence, the government can easily detect those illegal transactions and money laundering activities that contribute a lot of loss in the economy. Once transactions like these are controlled, China’s currency will become more stable to facilitate global trade transactions. It can be the future reserve currency to be used to price basic commodities, such as crops, gold, and crude oil.

For all that information, it’s safe to say that the Chinese currency is on the right path to becoming a top player in international transactions a few years from now.

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The Best Chinese Yuan Rates: A Guide to Converting, Exchanging, and Transferring Yuan

It is totally normal to look for the best exchange rates when you want to send money back to your family and friends in China. Of course, the more Yuan or Renminbi you can have, the better. But sometimes, when the exchange rate is too low, it frustrates most people who work hard to earn that money. Moreover, it suddenly gets more confusing when most of their transactions are hit by expensive transfer fees and unstable CNY exchange rates.

Without understanding how the conversion system works, you will never be confident when converting dollars, euros, riyals, or any other foreign currencies to yuan. The simple guide below will give you a quick overview of how you can get the most benefits each time you want to send money to China.

Currency Exchange Explained

An exchange rate is simply the value of one currency in terms of another foreign currency. So whenever you compare how two different currencies behave against each other in terms of price and purchasing power, it’s the exchange rate you analyze. 

For example, you want to buy Chinese Yuan using U.S. dollars. Searching the exchange rate, you see values that say: 1 USD = 6.45 CNY 

Don’t panic. This means that with one U.S. Dollar you can get 6.45 yuan. It is crucial to take note of the exchange rate daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. That depends on how frequently you need the conversion. But why is that? Imagine last year, for example, one U.S. Dollar would have got you 7.20 yuan. You had a lot of advantages way back then.

Can you forecast the future exchange rate? Definitely yes! Many factors can affect the exchange rates from one second to the next. Some of them are listed below:

  • Inflation and deflation
  • Interest rates
  • Countries’ worldwide trading activities
  • Overall government debt
  • Gross domestic product
  • Minor and major economic issues
  • Minor and major political instabilities
  • Traders’ demand for currency

All of the above factors must be considered and checked regularly. Each of them moves in different ways. For example, if there is a newly announced political enhancement in the country where you stay, unexpected fluctuations in the financial markets can greatly affect your currency. The biggest investors can withdraw their money reserves in your country in just a blink. Always remember that the exchange rate today can be totally incomparable next week. So you have to familiarize yourself with the contributing factors. 

Why Can Chinese Yuan Conversion Be Low?

Everyone thought that the occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic would lead to China’s economic downfall. But, surprisingly, the Chinese Yuan was able to keep strong in consideration of the U.S. dollar and other major currencies. Moreover, since the Chinese Yuan is centrally controlled by the PBoC (People’s Bank of China), the market-based fluctuation rates have become more stable. 

The central bank controls anomalies in transactions by keeping the system on guard. You don’t have to worry about the future economic benefits of converting your currencies into Yuan because with Digital Yuan, and you can transact all you can for free! It is something that’s completely under your own discretion. Every transaction that you make will happen inside the Yuan Wallet. In short, you’ll get the most Yuan you deserve.

Sending Money To China: Converting To Yuan

The majority of the public wants to convert USD, EUR, GBP to CNY. Most likely, they’ll transact it through traditional financial institutions, such as banks and remittance providers.

Banking institutions have been here for ages. They are known to be the most convenient and safest way to convert U.S. dollars or euros to Yuan. Yes, it’s true. This method can be quick and easy by transferring your money directly to the receiver’s account or your other currency account. The downsides are the fees and clearing period, especially if it is done overseas. 

Remittance providers are also game-changers. Through specialist remittance or money services, transfers can be more affordable due to the efficiency of the routing system while sending money to China. But it would be best if you still did your research. For example, remittance providers like Remitly offer lower running costs. As a result, the company can afford to give their customers lower transactions fees. Minimal charges are still included but with the most cost-effective exchange rate.

Digital wallet ends the fees. When you choose to send money using Digital Yuan via Yuan Digital Wallet, transactions are real-time. Therefore, fees are also avoided, and exchange rates are reasonable. This transition is becoming more and more successful. You can also use your wallet to convert your currencies into Yuan simultaneously. 

Using Remitly To Send To China

Remitly is quite popular nowadays. Their system is pretty fast and Remitly’s partnership with giant Alipay has something to do with that. Like any other remittance platform, you need to register as a Remitly member to have your own account. It only takes a few minutes to create one. 

The system will ask for all of your basic personal information. You must complete your name, phone number, email address, and other payment details. Money transactions in China are getting more straightforward and more innovative. 

Sending Money From China: Converting CNY To Another Currency

Do you think we forget about converting CNY to another foreign currency? Of course not! If you’re a fan of Alipay, you must know that off-shore transfers in China are only allowed if you are a Chinese citizen. Hence, you need to depend on someone who is an official Chinese citizen if you badly need to convert CNY to other currencies.

A bank transaction is also a good option, but fees are too high, and there are so many complicated limitations in the whole process of conversion. For example, it can solely depend on the sender’s nationality and status. Luckily, the creation of a Digital Wallet, such as YuanPay, is now ready to solve this constraint.

What About Exchanging CNY Outside of China?

Can you do that? Absolutely! You can now transact exchange CNY even you are not in China. These are the most effective methods so far:

  • Foreign currency exchange at the local bank of the country you currently stay
  • ATMs
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Bank cards
  • Bank wire
  • Instant airport currency exchange desks

Obviously, money changers in airports and high street stalls are expensive. You are paying fees after fees and the conversion rate suddenly becomes your loss. It is still effective if you will need to convert a few times. But if you need to exchange CNY out of China, the best option is to use cryptocurrency Digital Wallets to proceed with your transaction. Take note, you can also use this platform to exchange your balance for actual goods and services.

Finding The Best Yuan Exchange Rate

Have you decided which method to use to obtain the most yuan? Didn’t you notice that all of them are just giving you an automatic calculation? The real deal here is the associated fees deducted from your exchange transactions. That’s where you need to focus. Exchange rates are almost the same, but fees and convenience are totally different. So always check your transaction details from top to bottom.

Getting The Best Deal

At last, you are finally here! To sum up, everything discussed above, note that sending money to China can be done in many ways. However, each method that you choose has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. We understand that you work hard to support the people that you love in China, every yuan is essential.
With that hope of getting the most yuan out of the money you have, don’t be contented with the basic math of exchange rates. It’s time to learn the best way of earning lots of yuan by using the benefits of knowledge and time. Learn how to buy Yuan, earn reasonable today and be worry-free in the future! Visit us at YuanPayGroup to get you started.

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