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Here are the new trends again. What is exactly going on here? We understand if some of you are overwhelmed with this exploding series of blockchain news. Most of them might leave you in a blank space. With all these games and videos getting millions of dollars for NFTs or something like Nyan Cat being the most viewed YouTube video can fog your brain. You can bet your friends are still unaware of NFT crypto art and e-yuan. Well, that can be your edge! Go on and start by learning the basics of these new updates.

What is NFT Crypto Art?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a unique and irreplaceable unit of data secured on a digital ledger. These days, NFTs are used to represent fast-producing digital media such as photos, audio, and videos. In addition, blockchain technology is also used to ensure that public proof of ownership is always verified.

How Does NFT Works?

Considerably, most NFTs operate within the Ethereum blockchain. As we know, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and e-yuan. However, the Ethereum coin is different from its NFTs. We suggest that you search about the difference between coins and tokens. All other blockchains can create their own version of NFTs. The real deal will come to those who discover it first. Some already have their own sets of NFTs. Additionally, the E-yuan cryptocurrency plans to create new events ad activities where its future NFTs will be most useful. It will be one of the greatest campaigns, so better root for that.

What to Choose Inside the NFT Supermarket?

NFTs can absolutely be any item that is digital in nature such as drawings, clipart, music, videos, AI products, and more. But why do many people call it NFT art? It is because the whole existence of this technology focuses on using the system to sell digital art.

People in the creative industry are going crazy about it. There are millions of artists who become more confident with their talent. Moreover, since NFT can be any digital asset, more people have a higher chance of earning huge profits. Yes, like the meme tagged as “Disaster Girl,” the original photo was sold for $500,000 earlier this 2021. Unbelievable, right? But this is where technology brought us. You call it the digital era, and it’s really happening.

How to Own a NFT Crypto Art?

Before the existence of cryptocurrency, whether it was an e-yuan coin or an ETH coin, ordinary artists never really got the chance to own something digital. When someone uploads a photo publicly, another person can grab it just like that. There is no concrete background or ownership details over a digital file or digital art.  

The birth of NFTs changes this issue, allowing artists to have authority over their creations. Now, they can use it however they want. However, to officially sell them, creators must acquire a form of legal ownership for their specific work. From there, when the NFT art is created, it’s tokenized. Others call it “minted.” It happens under the license of a cryptocurrency blockchain technology for security against a breach.  

Inside the blockchain, transaction details are recorded accordingly, so hacking or scamming the data is challenging. It is very useful for tracking the copyright ownership to whom the digital asset truly belongs. Digital artists are happy with this innovation. Their hard work will finally pay off, and they can get appropriate accreditation with their creation. 

NFT is The Newest Way to Earn Income

At last, artists can monetize their digital artworks. It’s one of the fastest ways for creators to earn profits from their amazing creativity. There’s no need to bargain your work. There’s no need to chase for inconsiderate clients. And finally, there’s no need to wait for feedback and do non-stop edits. Your digital products will be sold “as is.”  


Generally, digital art creations are sold with royalties. What does it mean? It means that artists can earn up to 10% on all sales. So every time a digital product is sold, an artist makes royalties. Of course, the percentage of royalty depends on the platform. The price of the artwork also depends on it. Don’t forget! The price is still dependent upon the kind of cryptocurrency the artist chooses to use. 

Let Your Artwork Reach the World

Recently, the profound world of art became something that’s treasured both physically and digitally. To be honest, physical art affects people differently. It’s the same way how digital art speaks on its own. Both are precious. Someone can do art collecting and selling either way. 

Until 2019, designers and artists continuously made money from IRL events like exhibits and art markets. But due to recent world events, many of these avenues were impossible to happen in the near future. The existence of NFT trading means that art collecting can carry on via blockchain technology. 

Are You an Artist?

You are awesome! Keep up the good work. You might be interested in NFTs because it gives you a big chance to sell your artwork. Otherwise, there might not be much of a market for it. In case you come up with a really unique digital art idea, what are you going to do? Sell it on the stock photos or offer it for free because of passion? No way! Check out the Yuan Pay Wallet and learn from the platform. 

Yuan Pay Wallet is the sole distributor of Yuan coins. If you become a pioneer in the said platform, you have a greater opportunity of dominating the digital creative industry next year. When you create an account today and get yourself familiar with the app, you can enjoy the perks of an early bird once the company introduces its own NFT. Wait, there’s more! Expect the unexpected! It’s 100% sure that Yuan Pay Group will create a “very unique” usage of these NFTs. People of different races will make it the cream of the crop in no time. 


The selling of NFT crypto art has a great potential of transforming the entire creative industry. It’s the start of something compelling. Everyone is excited to witness the next events. The chance of becoming a pioneer in a new platform is rare. You have to make an effort to understand the navigation of the system entirely. Would you let this event be in your favor, or would you let it pass like the others? The final decision is all yours. 

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