Current price 0.02$ per coin. Price rising by 50% to 0.03$ per coin in 14:33 min
Current price 0.02$ per coin. Price rising by 50% to 0.03$ per coin in 14:33 min
Current price 0.02$ per coin. Price rising by 50% to 0.03$ per coin in 14:33 min
Current price 0.02$ per coin. Price rising by 50% to 0.03$ per coin in 14:33 min
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Scam on Real Platform – Yuan Pay Group Scheme!


YuanPay Group

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Let’s end this issue here. Yuan Pay Group is NOT A SCAM.

If you searched it on Google and found negative Yuan Pay Group Reviews, those were the actual victims of the existing fake Yuan Pay App. Honestly, there are also these fraudulent websites that claim to be legit and official. For your safety and protection, we encourage you to report the fake website to the only verified account of Yuan Pay Group. The legit platform is constantly doing its best to progressively eliminate all of these scammers.

You have to understand that in this crypto world, other people will do everything just to earn money. Whether it’s illegal and immoral, scammers won’t care at all. This is what they do for a living, harassing and swindling the innocent.

The moment you become associated with the new digital monetary mechanism or what we call cryptocurrency, there’s already a risk on it. Whether you use the most popular platform or trade the strongest coin, you have to be careful and be a responsible trader.

However, the risk is not only about the volatility of the crypto market. It also includes the high risk of being scammed. This is the official and genuine Yuan Pay Group website. If you are interested in trading Digital Yuan, you may reach out to this “one and only” legit website and get assisted.

Since scammers target everyone, it is very crucial to be vigilant to protect yourself and your resources. Here are the primary things you can do:

yuan pay scam man in hood typing binary code red black blue

Be alert all the time

When you receive emails or calls from uninvited businesses and people, automatically mark it as a scam. In case you register for a website and the representatives call you back, the conversation should be profound and professional without harassing you through multiple calls in a row. But wait! Other scammers are master swindlers. If they act and promise things that are too good to be true. That is a red flag!

In-depth research

Make use of Google and do the basic research. Read an article after another because the one you have read might be created by the scammers themselves. They are very clever and make their website appear on top of the search results. Perhaps it would take some time to extend your background check but the security it could give is definitely worth it!

Contact their support 

If you feel suspicious as to the true identity of a business, never ever contact the number included in the email. Search for their website and get the direct contact number from there. The customer representative will then give you the right directions depending on your inquiry. 

Be mindful of the information you share

Never ever give remote access to someone. No matter how popular the company they represent, this is 100% SCAM. Instead of helping you, what they intend is to input a virus that can phish your passwords and personal details. Data phishing is done by replicating an original website to entice people to prioritize their emails/calls due to urgent matters. This might be a promotional email, upgrade your credentials email, and many more. 

Always check your online banking

Basically, scammers will target your debit and credit cards. Even if you did not register for something, it can happen. It’s better if you practice checking your bank balance at least once a week. You might need to do it daily if you are actively using them all, especially if they are linked to online stores and remittances. 

Yuan Pay Group scamming masters are still out there. Even the biggest banks become victims as well. Financial organizations have the highest risk of being replicated. Don’t lose your money and be a wise trader. Always verify and confirm.

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